The Thing(Part 9)

The thing 9/10 Part 10: www.dailymotion.com ~~~~Brings back old memories~~~ ~~~~This is not my movie and i did not modify it in any way all right go to The Thing (1982) – Universal Classic Revisited~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Story The Thing starts with a chase. A Norwegian helicopter pursues a lone dog across frozen Antarctic wastes, ending up at Outpost #31, crewed by a dozen Americans. The Norwegians seem intent on killing the dog, but manage to off themselves instead. The dog moves in with the Americans, but when placed in kennels, we get the feeling those Norwegians had the right idea about putting it down. This is where the groundbreaking work of Rob Bottin, visual effects supremo, kicks in. Watch in astonishment as the dog turns itself inside-out, blooming a flesh-petalled orchid. Before the eye has time to take it all in, the beast then sprouts tentacles, throbbing like exposed nerve-endings. As it transforms, the creature attacks the surrounding dogs caged in with it. The assembled crew watch with jaws agape as the audience screams ‘kill it!’ they do, with fire. The plot moves at speed, taking us to the remnants of the Norwegian base camp, revelations in the ice (some stunning visual effects shots of a partially uncovered saucer), then back to the American base, just in time for the winter storm to kick in, severing the team from the rest of the world. Director: John Carpenter Writers: John W. Campbell Jr. (story) Bill Lancaster (screenplay) Contact

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