How To Install iOS4 on iPhone 2G (1st Gen) – 3.1.3 Mod

This video tutorial shows you how to install iOS4 (4.0 firmware) on your 1st Generation iPhone 2G. This is just a 3.1.3 firmware mod. This will also automatically jailbreak and unlock your iPhone. Apple has decided not to release iOS4 for the first generation iPhone. You can get some of the features by installing this mod on your iPhone 2G. Download the iOS4 firmware file: Watch the video that demonstrates all of the features of this mod: This Mod has the following features: Jailbreak & Unlock Native USB & Bluetooth Tethering Battery Percentage enabled Tap To Focus enabled (fake) Voice Control (Double Tap Home Button) Fake Compass to fast respring 4.0 System Version Icons from iOS4 Reflective Dock Toggle 27 Wallpapers from iOS4 SMS Background Emojii enabled

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