iPad 2 Smart Cover Review

What’s up YouTube Today I’m going to be reviewing the new smart case for the iPad 2. I bought this for $39.99 at best buy and got the gray one. It works and looks awesome, I love this cover, it protect my screen while keeping the beauty of the iPad 2 intact. It’s also makes a great stand for typing your work up or watching a movie. I think you give this cover a try even it doesn’t protect the other parts of your device. Pad 2 unboxing: www.youtube.com iPad 2 photo booth app: www.youtube.com iPad 2 rear camera: www.youtube.com iPad 2 front facing camera: www.youtube.com My Website:bit.ly USTREAM: bit.ly TWITTER : bit.ly FACEBOOK: bit.ly iPad 2 Smart Cover Review iPad 2 Smart Cover Review iPad 2 Smart Cover Review

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